Calculators list

Inventory Brand Model Serie Collection Project name S/N Year Period of prod. Display Functionality ALG RPN Form factor Status Collection / For sale Found In
Casio CASIO FX-1 Other Collections 1972 Nixie Scientific S N Desktop
Hewlett Packard HP 21 Woodstock HP Calculators 1975 LED Scientific N S Pocket To be tested My own collection
HP0001 Hewlett Packard HP 25 Woodstock HP Calculators Squash 999999 1975 1975 - 1978 LED Scientific N S Pocket Working My own collection Street market
Hewlett Packard HP 35 HP Calculators 1212345 1972 LED Scientific N S Desktop
Hewlett Packard HP 42S HP Calculators 3044S00554 1990 LCD Scientific N S Pocket
Hewlett Packard HP 48SX HP Calculators Charlemagne 2912345 Scientific S S Pocket